Corporate financial administration services

We offer our full scope of financial services to companies, which started growth suddenly.

In the event the financial administration of our Client is not prepared for the rapid and efficient fulfilment of activities – which increased because of the increased revenues and turnover – or if it is not feasible to increase the financial team of such a company then our below service provides and efficient solution.

Within the framework of this service of ours we undertake to provide the following tasks:

  • Financial scanning of your company.

Definition of the financial plan based on information revealed in course of the financial scanning:

  • Providing for invoicing and records of receivables as requested.
  • Ongoing Cash Flow management
  • Liquidity management:
    • preparation of liquidity forecasting, monitoring
    • records of buyer’s receivable and providing for the receipt of such buyer’s receivables
    • management and records of suppliers’, tax and other debts
    • harmonisation of bank relationships
    • management of analytic with current account book-keeping furthermore preparation of statement of the buyer and supplier balances