Consulting in taxation

Because of the permanently changing system of our complicated tax laws tax consulting fulfils an important role in the life of any company.

We provide professional consulting for legal and private entities so that they can meet their obligations by utilising the wide scope of possibilities provided by the tax laws under the most optimal taxation conditions.

Within the framework of this service of ours we undertake the following connected to the activities of our Clients:

  • We provide consulting in connection with corporate tax
  • International taxation
  • Taxation issues occurring in connection with human resources and within this latter one we undertake the following:
    • Tax consulting
    • Tax optimisation
    • Preparation for audit
    • If necessary full scope of representation at the tax authorities.

We undertake the preparation of transfer price records and the following within the framework of this:

  • Preparation of full scope of and simplified transfer price documentation.
  • The revision of the records prepared by our Clients from the point of view of the Hungarian tax law.
  • Amendment and supplementation of the joint documentation of international companies in compliance with the Hungarian legal regulations.
  • Preparation of corporate and industrial sector analysis.