Accountancy services

We undertake the following within the framework of our book-keeping services:

  • Book-keeping in compliance with the anytime effective legislative rules based on the slips made available for us by the Client.
  • Preparing the tax returns connected to the usual business management furthermore providing for returns and data reporting tasks stipulated towards municipalities (local taxes), chambers and the Central Statistical Office.
  • Administration at the Tax Authority in connection with the audit and correction of returns and representation at the tax and other state authorities.
  • Preparation of monthly executive report of accounting, including the monthly general ledger extract and the profit and loss statement.
  • If required the preparation of individual controlling and management report in the format as stipulated by the Client or if required in the format used by our company by the specified deadline in Hungarian and/or in English language.
  • If required we also provide secondary book-keeping and management report in compliance with the US GAAP and/or the HBII stipulations.
  • Sending information on the changes of legal rules and changes of interpretation published in the subject.
  • Sending regular written information for our Clients in Hungarian and English language on the most important legislative changes.
  • We undertake to prepare individual/consolidated report in compliance with the requirements of the Client’s own company or those of the mother company by the requested deadline.
  • We undertake to prepare book-keeping and statements by cost centre/cost owner.